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The Rodin Project is a visual research project I developed in communication with several art historians, starting 1992. Inspired by sculptures and drawings by Auguste Rodin, I produced a series of B/W photos that were later worked out as gum bichromate prints. Since every bichromate print is made by hand, every image is a unique creation.
As models, girls and women from various nationalities volunteered, so exploring their own expression of the erotic. The pictures were exhibited in public exhibitions, among which the international exhibition "Sculpture in the Light of Photography", organized by the Wilhelm-Lehmbruck-Museum.

Aktstudie "Henkelvase", Isabelle

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  Aktstudie nach "Faunesse"



Aktstudie nach der "Knieenden Faunin", Nadine.

Aktstudie nach der "Danaide", Tiphaine.

Aktstudie nach der "Danaide", Simone.

  Aktstudie nach einer Zeichnung

Aktstudie "Daphne", SimonE

Aktstudie nach "Femme Accroupie", Nadine

Aktstudie nach einer Zeichnung 
von Rodin, Simone

Aktstudie nach der "Danaide", Julika

Aktstudie nach "LŽAge dŽairain",   Iwan

Aktstudie nach "Le Diable", Megumi

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