Joel-Peter Witkin

The work of Joel Witkin is not for fairies with frail feelings. 
It is disturbing, morbid, perverse - it is the product of rare and unmatched genius.
If you are confident you can cope with this, please continue HERE to his Gallery

Mother and Child,
New Mexico, 1979

Madame X,
San Francisco, 1981

The Bra of Joan Miró,
New Mexico, 1982

Melvin Burkhart: Human Oddity,
Florida, 1985

Los Angeles, 1986

I.D. Photograph from Purgatory:
Two Women with Stomach Irritations,
New Mexico, 1986

Portrait of a Dwarf,
Los Angeles, 1987

Las Meniñas,
New Mexico, 1987

Woman on a Table,
New Mexico, 1987

New Mexico, 1987

Apollonia and Dominetrix Creating Pain in the Art of the West,
NYC, 1988

Gods of Earth and Heaven,
Los Angeles, 1988

The Graces,
New Mexico, 1988

Blind Woman with Her Blind Son,
Nogales, 1989

Daphne and Apollo,
Los Angeles, 1990

Feast of Fools,
New Mexico, 1990

Cupid and Centaur,

Woman Once a Bird,
Los Angeles, 1990

Studio of the Painter (Courbet), Paris, 1990

Popped: Joel-Peter Witkin - interview by Chris Buck and Christine Alevizakis [LINK DOES NOT LONGER EXIST!]

Joel-Peter Witkin - An eye for the forbidden - by Richard B. Woodward for the Vanity Fair magazine, April 1993 [LINK DOES NOT LONGER EXIST!]

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