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NOTE: Over the last years, I had some hilarious Emails about the work of Sally Mann being displayed here.
Please understand I showcase her work because she deals with the topic of nudity and sensual awareness of (her own) children in a respectful and highly artistic manner. Her children portrayed here still support the publication of her work, which has been collected and exhibited by major museums all over the world. Please respect that is about the artistic presentation of the nude body, not limited to so-called "erotic photography" and certainly not dealing with child pornography.


Emmet, Jessie, Virginia 1989

Fallen Child 1998

Jessie Bites 1985

Naptime 1989

Sunday Funnies 1991

The Hot Dog 1989

The Two Virginias 1988

The Two Virginias 1988

Tobacco Spit 1987

Dirty Jessie 1985

Winter Squash 1988

Jessie at 5, 1987

"Nole Me Tangere: The Family Photographs of Sally Mann"  by Noelle Oxenhandler for Nerve (1998). Read Sally Mann's response to the article.

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