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If you want to enjoy the design of this Website, allow your browser to support frames and Java features. Be sure that an e-mail client is installed for e-mail functions. If your browser cannot support these features, you can download the newest Microsoft Internet Explorer for free by following this link:

Alternatively, try the free FIREFOX browser.

This Website was produced with MS Front Page 2000 and then reedited "by hand" to be compatible with the old Netscape Mozilla 4.77 and 6.1. 

All content is diplayed in tables 750 pixels wide centering automatically. With 800 x 600 pixel screen resolution, you should be able to view this content without horizontal scrolling. Still, I strongly recommend a screen resolution of 1024 x 768 pixels or higher and at least "High Color" (16 bit) or better "True Color" (24 or 32 Bit) color depth for comfortable viewing. 

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As an extra service, I created two FULLSCREEN features for you (MSIE only!)

By clicking this  icon in the left upper corner, you will load the Welcome page 
in a new, fullscreen window. From there, you can surf the Website very comfortably. To close the fullscreen mode and get back to your normal browser layout, just click the sign in the upper right corner of the screen or press ALT+F4.

On selected pages, you can click the same symbol to open a fullscreen
window showing this particular page. Again, you can always escape the fullscreen mode by clicking the sign in the upper right corner of the screen or press ALT+F4.

If text and pictures do not seem to combine size wise, adjust your browser settings to display text characters bigger or smaller. The following text line should be about as long as the red bar below it:

|"Please download a modern browser that can read stylesheets."|

If you want to make a print-out and the text content is not printed, adjust the "frames" selection feature in your printer menu. If the text print is cut off at the right side, select horizontal paper format ("landscape format") in your printer menu.



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