This Website was created to make the work of selected photo authors [both famous and less-known] accessible to a broad interested public and create a forum for news, comment, critique and exchange of opinion. Our presentation is believed to support the cause of Art and Photography and to promote the interests of the photographers featured in our galleries. This Website is and will stay strictly not-for-profit and there are no commercial sponsors in the background.

Our policy is to create picture galleries in direct cooperation with photographers and the art galleries or agencies representing them. Since it is often difficult to track the artistīs contact address, though, we have taken the liberty to copy images from books and other sources as well, within the guidelines of the American Fair Use guidelines, as indicated on the MoMA and other Museum Websites or by Mark Hardenīs "Masters-of-Photography" Website (see details). 

The copyright of these imported contents remains with the original proprietors. Requests to reproduce these contents should be directed to the original copyright holders; use of such contents should comply with their guidelines.

Should anyone feel his proper rights are damaged by the use of his/her work on this Website, please contact us, so that we can remove your work.

Considerable amounts of labour were invested to do research and to design this Website. As an as an unique collection and organization of information, it is the intellectual property of the web authors and protected by copyright. Linking to this Website and quotation are allowed and encouraged within the limits of Fair Use and provided the URL is quoted. Copying our galleries and link collections or substantial parts thereof  into other link collections or Websites, commercial or not, is not allowed without our prior permission.




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